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Bashundhara Group brings joy to madrasahs with iftar feast

Bashundhara Group Provided Iftar to Different  Madrasahs

Teachers and students of different madrasahs in the capital have been delighted with iftar meal provided by Bashundhara Group on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.
Under the initiative, around 2,200 teachers and students of five madrasahs in Vatara area have got the opportunity to hold iftar mahfils on Thursday, the third day of Ramadan.
In the afternoon, students of Jamia Madania Baridhara Madrasah under the guidance of their teachers were found busy to manage iftar meal provided by Bashundhara Group.
The iftar items include Chhola Bhuna, Piazu, Beguni, Alur Chop, Jalebi and various fruits.
Passers-by along with the madrasah teachers and students have also participated in the satisfying iftar mahfil.
Safwan Khan Sinan, a student of the madrasah, said that the Bashundhara Group has supported the people who have hardly been able to manage quality iftar during the fasting month.
“It becomes difficult for many of us to regularly organise a quality iftar mahfil during the holy month. Bashundhara Group did us a great favor by arranging iftar for 700 people at the madrasah,” he said.
Another student Abdullah Al Khubaib, who is conducting Hifzul Quran at the madrasah, felt excited after receiving iftar from Bashundhara Group.
“We have received a very good meal that includes fish and meat for Sehri,” he added.
Head teacher of Jamia Madania Baridhara Madrasah Mufti Monir Hossain Kasemi said that there are around 1,000 students in our madrasah in three branches.
“There are 2,300 students in our madrasah. Of which 2,000 are hafezes and conducting "Khatam Taraweeh" in different mosques across the country,” he said.
“We would like to thank the Bashundhara Group for carrying out such a noble work,” he added further.

SOURCE : Daily Sun