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"Bashundhara Group always takes brave decisions to develop country" Ahmed Akbar Sobhan at CSE-ABG agreement signing ceremony

"Bashundhara Group Always Takes Brave Decisions to Develop Country" - Basundhara Group Chairman

Bashundhara Group’s chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan remarked that Bashundhara Group constantly takes bold steps for the development of the country. Joining a stock exchange is such an adventurous move. The economy will undergo a fundamental transformation as a result. This was stated during his welcome address at the agreement signing event between CSE and ABG Limited on Sunday (November 20) evening at the five-star Radisson Bay View hotel in Chittagong.

The chairman of Bashundhara Group commended Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and stated that the Bengali nation had lost its way after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975. Bangabandhu's natural successor, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is fulfilling all of his dreams one by one.

"Whether before or after time, our quest never ceases. We shall constantly be conscious of this nation's progress. In 50 years of independence, no one had ever demonstrated such bravery. Even the esteemed Prime Minister frequently discussed gold refineries, but no one else dared. The Bashundhara Group will execute the plan. Hopefully, it will also overtake the garment industry. There will be many export prospects abroad," he continued.

"ABG Limited is now listed on the stock market. I believe that at least 100 groups in the country can take any action they desire in order to participate. Unfortunately, many individuals have stashed funds overseas. It does not contribute to nation-building. Foreign investors, on the other hand, take everything. They cannot achieve independence for this nation. It can only be done by the country's investors. They have patriotic sentiments." The chairman of Bashundhara Group emphasised.

“I have talked to the managing director of ABG Limited, Sayem Sobhan Anveer, about this new initiative and his plan. ‘We will bring everything from Europe and America,’ he replied. Through its implementation, there will be a revolutionary change in Bangladesh,” he stated.

"We have more work to do in this industry. We ought to invest in these areas. It is feasible to make enormous quantities of foreign currency there," he said, emphasising the significance of the tourism industry.

"Entrepreneurs are the source of all power. Additionally, the prime minister appreciates businessmen. She keeps constant tabs on businessmen. Consequently, during the past fourteen years, traders have encountered no barriers. Understanding the issues, the prime minister has always taken the initiative. The chairman of Bashundhara Group further stated.

"Before this, the country's economic status was abysmal due to the anarchy of BNP-Jamaat. There were nearly daily reports of arson around the nation. We were helpless bystanders who wanted to operate the factory ourselves. That Jamaat-Shibir and the anti-national cycle have not yet  ceased. They constantly participate in anti-Bangladesh propaganda from overseas. They are also accountable for the volatility of the foreign currency market today. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should prohibit them rigorously." Ahmed Akbar Sobhan state

“There are still sufficient funds in the bank. Our economy is currently very robust. In fourteen years, the dollar's value has increased by only 10 taka. The current global crisis, which includes the Russia-Ukraine war, has generated volatility. Nonetheless, I will state that even in our current circumstance, we have not lost our way because of the right leadership. Under the leadership of the prime minister, the country's appearance has altered,” Ahmed Akbar Sobhan claimed, indicating that a artificial dollar crisis has been manufactured.

ABG Limited of Bashundhara Group is officially starting its journey as a strategic investor of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) in the only five-star hotel Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View in the commercial capital of Chittagong. On Sunday (November 20) in evening, Managing Director Ghulam Faruque (Acting) on ​​behalf of CSE, and Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir on behalf of ABG Limited will sign the agreement.

ABG Limited is a subsidiary of Bashundhara Group, the largest industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. By acquiring 25 percent of CSE, the corporation has become a strategic investor in this capital market's ownership. ABG Limited will now function as a strategic partner.

Common investors feel that ABG Limited has started taking various steps to bring overall development and functional prosperity to the capital market of the country.

It will play a groundbreaking role in making the capital market more prosperous and strong.

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Jabed is present as the chief guest at the colourful ceremony organized on the occasion of signing the agreement. Salman F. Rahman, the Prime Minister's Advisor on Private Industry and Investment, is the guest of honour.

Apart from this, Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) mayor Md. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury is present as a special guest, as are the deputy minister of education, Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel, the chairman of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), Professor Shibli Rubaiyat-ul-Islam, the chairman of the Bashundhara Group, Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, the co-chairman of the Bashundhara Group, Sadat Sobhan, the vice-chairman of the Bashundhara Group, Safwan Sobhan and the chairman of the Rupayan Group, Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul, among others.

CSE Chairman Asif Ibrahim is presiding over the event. Major (Retd.) Md. Emdadul Islam, the Director of CSE, gave a welcome speech.

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