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ICCB Corona hospital, a patriotic gesture

ICCB Corona hospital, a patriotic gesture

More than mere corporate social responsibility, it displays a height of patriotism for Bashundhara Group to come forward to turn the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) into the largest corona hospital in the country comprising 2,500 beds.

Happy news for journalists that at least 100 beds of the corona hospital at ICCB will be reserved for them. Journalists are discharging their professional duties along with other front liners like the armed forces, police and doctors, risking their lives amid corona outbreak. Journalists are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection due to lack of logistic support. Several journalists have already died while many others have been infected with the virus. We appreciate that Bashundhara Group became the first corporate house in the country to come forward to protect journalists fighting in the frontline against the deadly coronavirus.
Right now we are living in a historical time, which will be recalled by future generations as one of the most memorable times in recorded human history as the period of the ‘Great Pandemic’. People will recall the days and months of the ‘Great Pandemic’ and retell over and over again what all transpired during this time for generations to come. What we do now, how we conduct ourselves, how we treat fellow human beings at this crisis time will go down in the history of the ‘Great Pandemic’ that people of the future will talk and read about.

Proactively, the Bashundhara Group has donated Tk 10 crore to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for armed forces, police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) to facilitate their professional duties and continues to distribute relief materials and food stuffs among the poor and destitute in the capital and other parts of the country during the corona crisis.

The esteemed business conglomerate proposed setting up this makeshift hospital for corona patients to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On receiving her approval, the company, in association with public health engineering department, completed the construction within only three weeks which is unprecedented even in the developed world! Thus Bashundhara Group has proved to the world that as a nation we are capable of accomplishing impossible feats. Now the ICCB corona hospital is ready to go into operation and Bashundhara Group is waiting for the government’s directive in this regard.

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